Top Ten D&D Monsters

Posted: February 19, 2009 in D&D, lists, Ravenloft, RPG

Full credit to noisms for this idea.

10. Wereboar


Werewolf? Sure! But a wereBOAR?! What the hell is that?! I’ll be honest, I’ve never actually used one of these as a DM before, nor have I ever encountered one as a PC, but I’m really enamored with the look of the other lycanthrope creatures popularized by the D&D books. I never thought about the possibility of wererats or weresharks before I popped open the Monstrous Manual for the first time.

09. Giff


Funny looking hippo things – never really used one as a ‘monster’ exactly, but since they often find work as mercenaries, I have sent a platoon after a particularly evil PC in a Spelljammer game before. I love the fact that they come prepackaged with an arquebus. More firearms in D&D, I say!

08. Dream Stalker


The dream stalker is actually that will o’ wisp looking ball of light in the picture, although it can assume the form of any small animal as needed. The Ravenloft setting has long been my favorite of the 2nd edition campaign worlds (Forgotten Realms comes in at a close second), so I’ve learned to appreciate the many unique creatures the gothic horror setting gave us. I think it’s pretty creative to have a ‘monster’ that feeds off of sleeping victims, and because the dream stalker looks like either an innocuous ball of energy (an ‘orb’ as my Ghost Adventures obsessed girlfriend would say) or an innocent little animal, it can be quite difficult to figure out just what is making your fellow party members slip into magical comas repeatedly.

07. Tarrasque


Apparently there’s only one in existence, which is good, because… check this out: 70 HD, -5 THAC0, 6 attacks per round, -3 AC, and you can only truly kill it if you reduce it to -30 hit points AND use a Wish spell?!?! You don’t FUCK with the tarrasque, my friends.

06. Kercpa


Dude… fighting squirrel-folk. That’s all you need to say – I’m sold. They’re intelligent and good-aligned, so wouldn’t it be sweet if they replaced all the halflings in all the D&D worlds as the wee-folk type characters?

05. Su-Monster


The Su-Monster definitely channels a bit of pulp influence, which is good, because I feel there needs to be a bit more weird in D&D sometimes. Although I’ve only had the opportunity to use them twice, I always liked the idea of throwing evil, psionic monkeys at players. Usually not what they’re expecting whilst raiding an ‘abandoned’ temple.

04. Cerebral Vampire


Another beastie from Ravenloft, featured in the epic Bleak House adventure (so epic we’re all scared to run the damn thing). If you thought blood-sucking vampires were bad, just wait until you bump into one of these bastards, who instead feed off of the cerebral fluids from your BRAIN!

03. Dragon (any kind)


Well, it is Dungeons & DRAGONS, you know. Not a new notion by any stretch, but the old argument remains valid: we don’t use dragons in our games enough. Of course, they are meant to be elusive, rare, legendary adversaries and we also often play at low levels more than high, so even a young dragon would wipe out most parties. Still, it would be nice to have them involved more in our games, even if they’re only in the background.

02. Troll


Huge, ugly, fearless fighting machines with the power of regeneration – I’m telling ya, trolls kick ass. The troll guarding the bridge is one of those traditional staples of fantasy adventures that never seems to get old (at least for me, anyway).

01. Manscorpion


Yeah, I probably spent too much time as a kid playing Dragon Strike (a semi-shitty board game, not nearly as good as Hero Quest, which came with a really stupid VHS tape that I’ve tried my best to forget about). The game featured a manscorpion miniature as one of the monsters players could fight, and I suppose I’ve been attached to the things ever since. In some respects, the manscorpion is a very silly monster, but at the same time, I could see Conan battling a monstrosity such as this in one of his adventures, so perhaps that’s why I’ve grown so fond of them. If you’re playing with me and you wind up in a desert or tropical environment, you can bet your sweet bippy you’ll come up against one of these bastards. Watch out for the tail!

  1. Swordgleam says:

    No owlbear? Come on!

  2. Too much “Dragon Strike”? Impossible, I say! “Feeling brave tonight?”

  3. SuperSooga says:

    Sticking the manscorpion at number one? I can respect anyone who does that!

    A few of the other choices may have raised my eyebrow here and there…

  4. greywulf says:

    It’s great to see the Manscorpion getting some love! They’re one of my faves too.

    Darn, now I’m going to have to create a Top Ten as well.

  5. Jeff Rients says:

    Holy crap! Dragonstrike came with a manscorpion? That’s awesome beyond words!

  6. Jennifer says:

    That beetle that glows in the dark would make my list. Those fuckers will slow your party down…

    Orb-finding Ghost Adventures Obsessed Girlfriend

  7. faustusnotes says:

    Trolls appear to be on everyone’s list!

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  9. Tachikoma says:

    I will never forget when a guy in one of my campaigns thought it would be clever to Bear-hug the man-scorpion!
    He didn;t last very long after being stung in the eye.

  10. Random Passer By says:

    I came for the Kercpa, but stayed for the writing.

    Just thought you might like to know, something similar to the Manscorpion exists in the Eberron setting.

    Revered by the Xen’drik drow, the “Scarrow”.

    Similar to a Drider, but in keeping with the scorpion/spider inversion for the drow tribes.

  11. BestDmever says:

    The tarsque is the shit I’ve been playing dnd for 9 years and I’ve never had a party dare to fight him

  12. ever heard of the orcwort? thay thing is amazing and comes with millions of plots that can be used if your a DM, too bad they dont have it in da fourth version, though…

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